There may be as many advantages of establishing a relationship with Private Trust as there are islands in The Bahamas.

Antonius Roberts. Jellyfish, 2004.
Antonius Roberts. Jellyfish, 2004.

The Bahamas is a sub-tropical paradise that offers countless ways to combine business with the pleasures of life. It is strategically located off the east coast of Florida, in the same time zone as Miami, New York and Toronto. The main commercial centres of Nassau and Freeport offer excellent communication facilities with frequent flights to many North American, South American and European cities.

The country has a proud history of more than 280 years of parliamentary democracy. The government has an outstanding record of political and economic stability, progress and stewardship and is committed to maintaining The Bahamas’ status as a leading international financial centre by continually crafting legislation and regulations that are responsive to emerging market needs.

In the world of international business and finance, The Bahamas’ commitment, continuity and consistency provide a firm foundation on which our clients can rely. The Bahamas prides itself on being an internationally compliant jurisdiction with an internationally respected regulatory structure, yet an environment where business is welcome.

The Bahamas has been providing banking and trust services to families spanning the globe since the 1930s. It has a sophisticated banking, professional and financial infrastructure with many licensed banks and trust companies. Most of the world’s largest financial institutions have branches or subsidiary operations in the jurisdiction. It is a well regulated financial centre with strictly enforced and defined confidentiality and anti money-laundering laws.

The Bahamas’ highly educated local workforce and long tenure in financial services has created a deep pool of skill and experience that is recognized and trusted worldwide. There are no income, capital gains and inheritance taxes for all who conduct business from or reside in The Bahamas and exchange controls do not apply to non-residents.