There are many trust companies but only one Private Trust.

Brent Malone. Untitled, from the collection of Marysa Malone.
Brent Malone. Untitled, from the collection of Marysa Malone.

Private Trust is the largest independent trust company in The Bahamas. We have achieved this pre-eminent position simply because we do things differently. Private Trust is a true classical professional trust company. We act as trustee of relationships as well as assets. Our success has been our ability to nurture and grow long-standing, personal and confidential associations with our clients and their professional advisors.

Our commitment and dedication to our clients and their professional advisors set us apart from our competitors. A totally client-committed organization that for over three decades has crafted innovative, dynamic and entrepreneurial solutions for corporate and private clients spanning the globe. We employ a creative, flexible and ethical approach combined with a rapid decision making and reporting process.

We administer structures for holding anything of value: from race horses, yachts and vintage motor cars; to landed estates and works of art; to publicly listed companies, private investment and trading companies. We pride ourselves on our ability to respond in an efficient and effective manner to clients’ requirements and specific circumstances.

Private Trust is not owned by or affiliated with any major bank or financial institution and is not a conduit for asset management products or other products offered by banks which provide trust services. Clients benefit from our independence, professionalism, private ownership and expertise because we provide them with full freedom to choose their financial service providers and ability to segregate functions and products.

We do not provide investment or taxation advice. Our fees are based on time spent and are not tied to the value of assets.  No exit, termination or distribution fees are charged. Managed and controlled from our corporate offices in Nassau, we do not maintain branches or affiliates outside The Bahamas. As a result, we are not subject to the Courts in any other jurisdiction.

Private Trust has an Unrestricted Trust Licence issued by the Central Bank of The Bahamas, Unrestricted Investment Fund Administrators and Securities Licences issued by the Securities Commission of The Bahamas and an External Insurance Managers Licence issued by the Insurance Commission of The Bahamas. We are regulated by The Central Bank in respect of our trust and fiduciary activities, by the Securities Commission for our securities and investment fund administration activities and by the Insurance Commission of The Bahamas in respect of our insurance activities.

We are totally committed to international standards of “best practice” and maintain internal audit and compliance departments.